OWPT2019 Paper Award

  • Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Rotor Blades Using Optically Powered Sensors
    Christos Klamouris, Kai Worms, Frans Wegh, Juerg Leuthold, and Wilhelm Stork
  • GaAs Multi-junction Photovoltaic Power Converters at AZUR SPACE: Current Status and Development Activities
    Gregor Keller, Daniel Fuhrmann, Thorsten Wierzkowski, Anne Kristin Volk, Clemens Wächter, and Victor Khorenko
  • Design of Projection System for Optical Wireless Power Transmission using Multiple Laser Light Sources, Fly-eye Lenses, and Zoom Lens
    Nobuyoshi Mori
  • 5W Optical Power Link with Generic Voltage Output and Modulated Data Signal
    Matthias Haid, Cornelius Armbruster, David Derix, Christian Schöner, and Henning Helmers

OWPT2019 Student Paper Award

  • Object Recognition and Beam Steering System for Optical Wireless Power Transmission to Moving Object
    Hirotaka Kato, Hendra Adinanta, Alexander William Setiawan Putra, and Takeo Maruyama
  • Experimental Characterization of Uniform Beam Irradiation using Fly-eye Lens for High Efficiency Optical Wireless Power Transmission
    Yuki Katsuta and Tomoyuki Miyamoto
  • LED-based High Power Optical Wireless Power Transmission for Compact IoT
    Yuhuan Zhou and Tomoyuki Miyamoto