April 18 (Mon.) - 21 (Fri.), 2023
Hybrid holding by online and venue

Introduction to the OWPT Conference

The 1st Optical Wireless and Fiber Power Transmission Conference

The Optical Wireless and Fiber Power Transmission Conference (OWPT) is an international conference on optical wireless power transmission, optical fiber power transmission, and related technologies.

The 5th Optical Wireless and Fiber Power Transmission Conference (OWPT2023) will be held on April 18 (Mon.) – 21 (Fri.), 2023 as an online/venue hybrid conference in Japan as one of the conferences of the OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Congress 2023 (OPIC2023).

The OWPT Conference is intended to provide a central forum for updating and reviewing scientific and technical information on optical wireless power transmission and optical fiber power transmission by covering a wide range of fields from fundamental research to systems and applications.

This conference is sponsored by the Optical Wireless Power Transmission Committee, and The Laser Society of Japan in cooperation with several academic societies and associations.

Important date

Extended Submission Deadline: 27 January 2023

Submission Site Open: 1 November 2022

Submission Deadline: 13 January 2023

Registration Open: 17 January 2023


Organizing Committee

  • Tomoyuki Miyamoto
    (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  • Motoharu Matsuura
    (Univ. Electro-Communications)

Steering Committee

  • Takeo Maruyama
    (Kanazawa Univ.)

Program Committee

  • Kensuke Ikeda
    (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

  • Kayo Ogawa
    (Japan Women’s Univ.)


Optical wireless and fiber power transmission conference covers optical power transmission technologies and its related subjects as shown in the following fields;

  • A.Devices and components

    Light sources, Solar cells / photovoltaic devices, Optical components, Modules, Theory, Design, Material, and Fabrication process etc.

  • B.Systems and subsystems

    Optical wireless / fiber power transmission, Non-optical wireless power transmission, Communication for optical power transmission, and Safety system etc.

  • C.Applications

    IoT, Consumer/industrial equipment, Automotive and vehicles, Drone, Robot, Medical implantable, Under water, Harsh environment, and Space solar power system etc.

  • D.Others

    Standardization, Regulations, and Novel / emerging topic related to the OWPT conference.

Sponsored by

Optical Wireless Power Transmission Committee