April 23 (Tue.) - 26 (Fri.), 2024
Hybrid holding by online and venue

Invited/Plenary Talks

Plenary Talks

  • Carmen Vázquez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
    “Power over Fiber as enabler in 6G optical fronthaul”

Special Talks

  • Paul Jaffe (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
    “The first demonstration of laser power beaming in orbit”

Invited Talks

  • Makoto Miyoshi (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
    “Near-UV photoelectric transducers for OWPT systems based on GaInN multiple quantum-well structures”
  • Masaki Wada (NTT)
    “Self-Power-Feeding Bi-directional Data Transmission using 125-μm Cladding Diameter 4-core Fiber”
  • J. B. Rosolem (CPQD – Research and Development Center in Telecommunications)
    “Power-over-Fiber applied for in-flight entertainment system”
  • Takeo Maruyama (Kanazawa University)
    “Optical wireless power transmission for moving object using image recognition”
  • Karin Hinzer (University of Ottawa)
    “C-band multi-junction photonic power converters: AI techniques for optimized designs and role of luminescent coupling”
  • John Geisz (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
    “High-irradiance photoconversion using multijunction photovoltaic devices”
  • Arismar Cerqueira Sodré Junior (National Institute of Telecommunications (Inatel))
    “PoF-based Wireless and Optical Convergent Access Towards 6G”
  • Masoud Harooni (IPG Photonics Corporation)
    “Products and Future Prospects of High-Power Fiber Lasers”