The abstract submission of both regular and post-deadline papers has now been closed.

Submission of Papers

Original papers that have not been previously presented and that describe new technical contributions to the areas covered by the technical descriptions in the conference scope will be accepted for presentation.

Papers should be submitted through the below Web site no later than Dec. 14 (Fri.), 2018 Jan. 31 (Thu.), 2019. Authors will be requested to submit 2-page paper written in English, including text, figures, tables, and references. The paper template will be available through the Web site.

Poster Session

In addition to regular oral presentation sessions, poster presentation session will be planned to stimulate detailed explanation and discussion. Each author is requested to display materials on a W90cm x H210cm bulletin board when selected as poster papers. Presenters should display the paper title, authors and affiliations on their poster.

Post Deadline Papers

A limited number of post deadline (PD) papers will be accepted for presentation at post deadline sessions. Latest significant results obtained after the regular deadline are most welcome.

PD papers should be submitted no later than Feb. 18 (Mon.), 2019. Please send the PDF file based on the template file to Program Committee Co-chair via following e-mail.
E-mail: hirota.masaki.972(at); maruyama(at)