OWPT Action Plan on “COVID-19” (Coronavirus)

Considering the global concerns about the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the conference committee decided to scale down the 2nd Optical Wireless and Fiber Power Transmission Conference (OWPT2020), which was scheduled to be held from April 21 (Tue.) to 23 (Thu.), 2020 in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.

The “scale down” means that only the Technical Digest is distributed.
The event of practical meeting at the conference venue is not taken place.
OWPT2020 Conference is deemed to have been held by publication of the Technical Digest.
The registration fee will be changed (reduced) from the original fee.
Please check the new registration fee at the registration site.

These decisions basically follow those of the OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Congress 2020 (OPIC2020) which is composed of 15 conferences including OWPT2020.

We would deeply appreciate your cooperation and understanding on our decision.

Tomoyuki Miyamoto
OWPT 2020 Conference Co-chair

Takeo Maruyama, and
Motoharu Matsuura
OWPT 2020 Program Co-chairs