Plenary Talks

  • S. Fafard (Broadcom Semiconductors ULC)
    “Photovoltaic power converters and application to optical power transmission”

Special Talks

  • N. Kawashima (Ninovatech / Kinki University)
    “Lessons learnt from past experiments on the optical wireless power transmission for drones”
  • T. Masuda (Toyota Motor Corp.)
    “Progress and prospects of vehicles equipped with photovoltaic solar panels and their application for wireless charging”

Invited Talks

  • O. Alpert (Wi-Charge Ltd.)
    “Free space long-range wireless power delivery by infrared light – Market trends”
  • M. Ishino (Osaka University)
    “Light beam scanning and spatial transmission using visible lasers – LiDAR, Spot-lighting and Power Feeding -” (Tentative)
  • G. Keller (AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH)
    “Advantages of III/V metamorphic technology for high efficiency infrared laser power converters”
  • C. Klamouris (Fibergy GmbH)
    “A design guide for power-by-light systems”
  • A. Kudryashov (Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS)
    “Real-time adaptive optics for free-space laser communication systems”
  • P. Leisher (Freedom Photonics LLC)
    “New insights into the efficiency limitations of high power diode lasers”
  • S. Sweeney (University of Surrey)
    “Optical wireless power at eye-safe wavelengths: Challenges and opportunities”
  • Y. Takeda (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
    “Trapping light incident into and emitted from photovoltaic cells using dielectric multilayers”