Conference Program

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OPIC2020 Congress program.

Invited/Plenary Talks Informations


Oral session is to be held in room ***** of PACIFICO Yokohama. The presentation time (including discussion) will be 40 minutes for plenary talks, 30 minutes for special talks, 30 minutes for invited talks, 15 minutes for regular papers. All the speakers are requested to present the paper with a data projector. Prior to the starting time of the session, the speakers are asked to contact the session chairs and to confirm the connection between their computer and the projector.

The following is the ringing timing of the bell.
Plenary(total 40min): 1st 30min, 2nd 35min, 3rd 40min
Invited(total 30min): 1st 20min, 2nd 25min, 3rd 30min
Contributed(total 15min): 1st 8min, 2nd 10min, 3rd 15min


Poster session will be held in **:**-**:** of ****** April. All poster session of OPIC including OWPT will be held in a part of exhibition hall A/B of PACIFICO Yokohama, which is different building from that of oral session. Each author is requested to display materials on a W90cm x H210cm bulletin board. Presenters should display the paper title, authors and affiliations on their poster. Set-up: **:**-**:** / Tear-down: no later than **:**